Sunday, March 30, 2003

Oh dear God, this is so chumpy. I haven't used one of these text editors since the late 90s. Oh well, the point being that I don't have FTP access. Well, I do, but I don't want to sort out Sympatico.

WTF? I have a blog? What am I a yuppie? Or an emo? To the contrary, I think this will be very entertaining. Why?

Well, I suppose I write about what happened in the past few days.

Oh, damn.

I'm not nearly narcisstic enough to expound on every single detail of my life, or even any. Besides, there would be no irony in that, and we all know how I feel about irony.

Nevertheless, I think it would be fair to start by taking a shot at history. I have now skipped, by my count, ten American History classes out of 36. I feel confident that I have the highest mark. I haven't been in the last three days, having been at school for the latter two and having seen Hatherly on both those days. That's right, I don't care.

If I can get an 80 or higher in that class, it will be the single most significant accomplishment of my checkered and tumultous academic career.

We have a SmartAsk team in the making. QV Hindenburg, you people are the Black Shirts (out of context), you know who you are.

Actually, to preserve irony and the "pathetic old single men, no chit-chat" image, I should provide an itemized account of my day.

  • Waking up at 11:30
  • Checking the board and fantasy leagues
  • Breakfast
  • Sitting at the computer
  • Reading the paper at 3
  • Taking a nap at 4
  • Eating at 5:30
  • Simultaneously catching the end of Len Barker's perfect game
  • More TV
  • Computer again

    I think someone somewhere will make a post on their message board about how pathetic I am, but as long as we all realize it's with tongue firmly planted in cheek, it's okay. Maddoxian types are fine this way, and the only other kind are the BDG types, who wouldn't count anyways. Wow, if this could become as religiously followed as certain sites....