Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It appears that Richard does not know about my attempts to smooth Bloggo-Richardic relations. If someone sees him, could they please alert him to these developments?

Anecdote of the day

Peglar: ...And I want all your essays justified, justified left. I don't want any of that fancy stuff, because when you justify it left, everything you write is spaced equally, and it looks just wonderful.
Mediocre brown girl: Oh, so we write our arguments and then we, like, put, like, our reasons for it to the left?
Peglar: Oh, no, when I say justification I don't mean philosophical justification, I just mean the way your essay is formatted.

True story.

I skipped history again (12) and sat in on a mixed-math class. Oh God, it was like that urban legend about Alabama; pi had been approximated to three. I was just scared they would ban multiplication and all other forms of ungodly 'number manipulation'.

Nick Moreau is so cool. Honestly, I think he has Andro-Adeelic potential. With the right coaching, he could give us an axis.

I won fantasy hockey. I pwn you all, and you are all my bitches.

Oh, I would just like to clarify to those two brown airheads cheating off of the guy milking Gabe and I for all his marks, that they will still fail. However, I have realized that you are quite possibly the two stupidest, most fugliest people I have ever meet. You took approximately 55 minutes on a 20-mark quiz that was comprised of about six questions. Sadly, when pooling your mental resources, you failed to realize that 0 + 0 = 0, for all quantities of 0, no matter how large they may be.

Emos should be shot.

That is all.

Monday, April 07, 2003

AWYHIGTC is on hiatus pending new revenue streams, er, irony streams.

No, I think that's pretty ironic.

The height of pseudo-intellect is repeatedly using vague literary concepts to convey a sense of jadedness and/or sophistication. Vanity Fair has repeatedly turned down my articles though. Maybe I can write one of those reviews in art sections of newspapers like the Globe that say nothing and everything at the same time.

I think Bloggo-Richardic relations are frigid at best, so it's my new goal to win him over.

Oh, the cedar tree!
If mankind in his infancy
had prayed for the perfect substance
for all material and aesthetic needs,
an indulgent god could have provided
nothing better.

- Bill Reid

There. Moving on....

One thing I've picked up in my extensive readings is that the Western media is explicitly lying to me, unless it's showing pictures of mutilated Iraqi children, in which case it is somehow telling the truth. Another thing I've picked up is that a British accent somehow makes you superior, unless you're in Britain, where you obviously don't speak with an accent.

Adeel v. Hatherly et al enters Week 10 with no signs of dissipation.

Adeel v. Tolstoy enters page 80 with no signs of dissipation.


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I have nothing to tell you or sell you for the moment.