Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It appears that Richard does not know about my attempts to smooth Bloggo-Richardic relations. If someone sees him, could they please alert him to these developments?

Anecdote of the day

Peglar: ...And I want all your essays justified, justified left. I don't want any of that fancy stuff, because when you justify it left, everything you write is spaced equally, and it looks just wonderful.
Mediocre brown girl: Oh, so we write our arguments and then we, like, put, like, our reasons for it to the left?
Peglar: Oh, no, when I say justification I don't mean philosophical justification, I just mean the way your essay is formatted.

True story.

I skipped history again (12) and sat in on a mixed-math class. Oh God, it was like that urban legend about Alabama; pi had been approximated to three. I was just scared they would ban multiplication and all other forms of ungodly 'number manipulation'.

Nick Moreau is so cool. Honestly, I think he has Andro-Adeelic potential. With the right coaching, he could give us an axis.

I won fantasy hockey. I pwn you all, and you are all my bitches.

Oh, I would just like to clarify to those two brown airheads cheating off of the guy milking Gabe and I for all his marks, that they will still fail. However, I have realized that you are quite possibly the two stupidest, most fugliest people I have ever meet. You took approximately 55 minutes on a 20-mark quiz that was comprised of about six questions. Sadly, when pooling your mental resources, you failed to realize that 0 + 0 = 0, for all quantities of 0, no matter how large they may be.

Emos should be shot.

That is all.

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