Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I actually spent some time coming up with a list of British Prime Ministers whose name or title was also the name of a landmark or street in Toronto, but then I realized that it was really just Palmerston, Gladstone and Churchill whose names I kept hearing. Lesser-known would be Asquith, Beaconsfield and Balfour, Wellington is a mulligan, and then there are the coincidences in Heath, Major, Wilson, Baldwin, George (come on), and Aberdeen. These names were unfortunately drowned in the sea of Prime Ministers that the British have had.

By contrast, the only Canadian Prime Minister I can think of with a street named after him is Robert Borden. There is also a minor street named Bedford, but it doesn't sound like it was named after Richard Bennett, though I could be wrong. In fact, I can think of more streets who share a name with American presidents: Kennedy, Washington, Clinton, Wilson, and Madison.

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