Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I had mentally prepared a lengthy invective imploring the general population, particularly students at the University of Toronto, to speak meaningfully instead of offering empty generalities and non-statements predicated upon non-observations, non-arguments and expressed through non-sensical blathering, couched in one too many qualifiers and modifiers. However, I am at the moment several stories high with rage after literally running the gamut of running stores in the city of Toronto, population 2.5 million, and coming up with precisely five models of racing flats available for sale. The esteemed chain of New Balance stores, committed to helping "serious runners gain an edge" according to their catalogue (featuring about four pages of walking shoes for one page of spikes and flats), carries not a single racing shoe. Moreover, they carry an eye-popping variety of casual and walking shoes.

Once again, it appears that it is far more practical to be some leviathan or vacuous floozie undertaking a nominal regime (the term being applied loosely) of fitness than to be any sort of competitive athlete. Our protagonist, of course, is of the apocryphal sort known as "fourth-rate", not that it excuses this appalling lack of service. After all, that could've been a genuinely competitive runner in there looking for shoes that were neither a men's 7 nor a men's 13.

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