Sunday, March 12, 2006

Faith & Freedom - Letters to the Editor: "I am for free speech, but there will be a price to pay and you have to get informed about this growing world movement called Islam. This message is unbiased and merely serves to give you this link if you do not already know about this journal. Here you will learn the truth about the new Islamic movement.
Please do not write me. I do not want to get involved in this issue out of fear of the Islamists. I just want you to have this link so you too can learn the truth of what is coming.


Beebop could not be closer to the truth and has been exposed in what will be a fatal mistake. Even as we speak, my men are tracking down beebop with a satellite uplink that Chloe hooked up for us. Agents in Moscow, Paris, London, Cairo and elsewhere are leaving no stone unturned in seeking beebop and silencing him or her before our cover is blown. I have also implemented surveillance on all known contacts of beebop cross-referenced with a list of possible identities that Brad Hammond from Division sent over. There is no way out, beebop, surrender now or face the full wrath of my men. That is all.

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