Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm glad to see that I'm back on track after a string of posts that didn't quite turn out the way I'd hoped, shifting the locus of discussion over to Sasha. Then again, everyone's favourite 15-year old has been slow in updating over the last week. I haven't quite finished thinking through the next short essay that flexes my twenty-four inch pythons of eloquence and inspires some form of discusion, so I submit a picture post in its stead. This should appease Jessica, who is everyone's favourite one-woman Sheryl Crow cover band. As always, ten pictures will follow, most taken recently but some that are old and unseen by Readerland.

At night, the University of Toronto becomes an eerie concrete cenotaph: cold, windy, and empty. In arguably its ugliest corner, the southwest, the light from a greenhouse illuminates the street as seen above. Pictured are the McLennan Physical Laboratories, a stereotypical dark lair if there ever was one. I have been hoping for a picture such as the one above for as long as I have been at the university. Its floors of physics undergraduates, graduates and professors get progressively sub-human as one goes up. No one is quite sure who or what awaits at the top.

This stellar example of microphotography is actually a test of different flashes on my camera. I actually have very little knowledge of how to operate my camera.

At around 11:30 pm one Monday night, a bunch of Asian students thought they'd hold a party at Robarts Library.

Every now and then Yorkville yields a gem.

Pictured: unidentified student, Convocation Hall, Medical Sciences building. Not pictured: CN Tower

This is the Canada Malting Plant on Bathurst, right by the lake. Knowing what I do about it, I think that it is arguably one of the creepiest buildings in the city, and yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

This is the boardwalk, one of many in Toronto, behind the Harbourfront Centre.

If not the Malt Plant, then the abandoned Hearn Generating Station, now adjacent to the site of a newly proposed station, has to be the creepiest building in the city. As I am fond of telling anyone who will listen, the smokestack you see was briefly the tallest structure in the country and remains one of the tallest. The station's decrepit interior, including intact control panels, coupled with its location in the most remote, forbidding part of Toronto certainly makes a convincing case.

Every Wednesday night, Riyaad and I go to a popular campus building and give out free food to strangers for absolutely no reason. I could say that it is an exercise in many things, maybe testing the reaction of total strangers to an offer of something for nothing, or the creation of community in an urban space, but I won't. Mostly we just like to eat Timbits and talk to strangers, although we are fast developing some regulars.

Here's a picture you didn't see: for a brief period of time, I was held hostage by unidentified militants in Iraq.

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