Friday, August 25, 2006

If you live anywhere in this country, I very strongly urge you to go and see Bon Cop, Bad Cop, as wonderfully Canadian of a movie as I have seen. All things Canadian find their way into this understated, underrated movie that I saw with five others in a theatre large enough for hundreds. Interprovincial bickering, bilingualism, Quebecois and Torontonian stereotypes, hockey-based nationalism and not-so-vague references to Eric Lindros, the Quebec Nordiques and Wayne Gretzky are all present.

The result is Canadiana overlaid a parody of a cop movie; the two detectives are taken off the case in a mix of French and poorly-spoken English, the forced partners are a straitlaced WASPish Torontonian and a free-spirited Montrealer with predictably clashing personalities and the dirty business is that of the Americanization of hockey. All the familiar things are there and the narrative is Canadian instead of Californian, leading to more familiarity and the ultimate realization that more Canadian stories need to be told, so long as they are told as well as this one.

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