Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What I did over my four-month summer vacation:

  • This was, whether I like it or not, the summer of A-Money, Beans, C-Dawg, Heavy D, Big E and Littlefish. I worked full-time for the first time in my life and hated it. By the end, I was resorting to the awesome power of civil law by declaring that I was simply "not it" when it came to helping potentially irksome customers.

  • I read The Iliad. It took me a little over two months' worth of subway rides when I was lucid and in the mood for Homer's craftsmanship.

  • I read newspapers. I tried to read the New York Times and Globe and Mail on a perfect day, but I often wound up reading just The Star. Other newspapers I read this summer include the National Post, Metro, 24 Hours, Toronto Sun, USA Today (it's awful), Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune and, yes, my own Varsity.

  • I went to Phoenix and took a daytrip through the mountains of Arizona as well as the splendid wealth of Scottsdale, the Beverly Hills of the desert.

  • I slept with two other guys in a tent half the size of a compact car in a remote backcountry site accessible only by canoe. We went portaging but gave up and then enjoyed the quiet by the lake.

  • I have run 1096 km since school ended, with a few more to go. I ran seven races, okay but nothing special, with another one to come before school starts. I won a flashlight and a medal to add to the hat and maple syrup I already won for my exploits this year.

  • I drank a lot of coffee. A lot. I know it's a cliche thing to say, but I really did drink a lot of coffee. I also drank very little water relative to how much I ran. Consequently, I spent a lot of time at coffee shops.

  • I said goodbye, in a way, to some of my closest friends who are off to university this fall. Their departure hit me harder, in a way, than my own, since none of my friends went off to British Columbia...or Guelph.

  • I went to Friends sports bar in Brampton more times than I care to admit.

  • I ran in 46-degree humidity, pushed a canoe up a hill, had a $90 breakfast and sold more shoes than I care to admit.

  • I spent most of my break missing philosophy, late night studying and walking around downtown at night, though it's not to say that I didn't enjoy my summer.
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