Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I don't know what it is, but the last few posts have shot my traffic through the roof, at least back to where it once used to be. I guess the message is to spend less time talking about mile splits and more time bashing controversial Texans. I have nothing of the sort for you today.

Instead, I'll volunteer the story of what I saw last night: a woman, about 30 years old and very fashionable, walking down Bloor Street wearing what looked to be a dress made out of a Mylar blanket. After collecting mine at last week's half marathon (the race finished indoors but I'd been wearing shorts in 3-degree weather for 90 minutes and didn't have my sweats), my manager and I discussed the other possible applications for Mylar. I think I suggested a tent made out of mylar blankets, using the safety pins from the bib and the other odds and ends (chip ties?) from a road race. Matlock would love a road race, God bless him.

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