Wednesday, December 06, 2006

After a very, very long time, I am clean-shaven. I don't remember the last time, but maybe someone else does (Shan, Riyaad, Azim?). Catch it while you can and do discuss the pros and cons in the comment box conveniently located below this post. I know that the opinions are out there. At least one passionate reader described shaving the goatee as "iconoclastic".

For the curious, the impetus came from a reverse shave-off at work. I am to shave regularly while my lameduck, soon-to-be former boss is not to shave. Whoever breaks first suffers an undetermined public humiliation.

Seasoned observers will know that this isn't the first time the goatee has suffered during times of duress. There was a brief period in 2004 when I quit my job and sported a handlebar mustache.

Edited to add some reactions:

Brother: "Awesome. It's the end of your hairy days."
Maddie Jr.: "!!!!!!!!"
Maddie Sr.: "That is ACTUALLY the scariest thing i have EVER seen."
Second Brother: "I am sorry, but that picture is just not you. A hairless Adeel is no Adeel."

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