Monday, January 01, 2007

Here, then, are the things that happened this year that you may not have heard about or, alternatively, you simply need to hear again:

  • I went to the Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania Amish country and downtown Detroit, three of the quietest, most pristine places in all of America.
  • I modeled a wetsuit and a sports bra, and I'm actually wearing a suit as I write this.
  • I started giving out Timbits to strangers in the lobby of the Sid Smith building at the University of Toronto on Wednesday nights.
  • I had a goatee for the first eleven months of the year.
  • In July, I lost a 5k race to a 75-year old man.
  • In January, I voted expressly to keep Olivia Chow out of office, but received a hug from her in August.
  • I walked into a bomb threat on Bloor Street and I was accused of being a john and a terrorist by a gas station attendant and a waitress.
  • I ate a cake bearing my likeness.
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