Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In grade 11 computer science, taught by the grossly underappreciated genius of Ms. Gorski, I would often put together a piece of code that didn't work. I would try all sorts of things and it wouldn't work. Then, all of a sudden, it would work, without any reason at all. Sometimes pasting the code into Notepad and back into the client worked.

We can toss my cell phone in the same category. Why was it silent when I set an alarm for 6:30 am on December 19, turned the alarm on, set the ringer to 'soft' and the alarm sound under soft to 'Interlude'? There is no possible reason for it not to work and yet tomorrow, under the same circumstances, there will be an alarm since I will be sleeping in or possibly still awake. I bet an overworked, underpaid Chinese kid somewhere is snickering to himself in between bouts of whooping cough.

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