Sunday, December 03, 2006

Partisan politics happen so quickly. Here is an email I just got 45 seconds ago, a penetrating example of why almost half of Canada abstains from the absurd fanboy fantasy that is party politics. To clarify my own involvement, I ambivalently joined the Conservative party two years ago and am no longer a member, for this very reason.

"Dear Adeel,

Moments ago in Montreal the Liberal Party elected Stéphane Dion as their new leader.

The Liberals are anxious to force a federal election and could benefit from a bump in the polls that often occurs after a leadership race. We can't let them gain momentum with the New Year approaching. That's why it is vital that you make a tax-deductible contribution of $150 or $75 to your Conservative Party tonight.

You know Stéphane Dion. He represents the old Liberal policies and the old dithering Liberal approach to government:

· The bogus sponsorship scandal? Mr. Dion was there!
· The federal government at war with the provinces? He was Intergovernmental Affairs Minister.
· The embarrassing federal environmental policy? He presided over this terrible failure as Environment Minister.

Mr. Dion is a leader who admits to having difficulty setting priorities. It's up to you to stop him before he gets started.

With your urgent contribution, we can broadcast Prime Minister Harper's message of hope and real progress to Canadian families as well as counter negative attacks by the Liberal Party.

We can't prevent a forced election. But we can prepare for victory. Your support is essential for Getting Things Done! Please click 'Donate Now!' above and make your secure contribution online now.



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