Sunday, December 24, 2006

So this is Festivus. Shopping is over, if you want it. Nine days in advance, I resolve to never again work in retail in the month of December. I came to this affirmation after I sold the umpteenth $60 worth of needlessly and needlelessly produced microfibres, colloquially termed a "stocking-stuffer". What makes the secular observation of Christmas a bad thing is that the observation is nothing more and nothing less than a vicious, protracted bout of shopping for material goods, like the Battle of the Somme re-enacted out at big box centres. This, of course, is hardly news to anyone over the age of 14 or even to anyone younger who has seen a television special about "the true meaning of Christmas". What makes it worse is precisely that all of us are aware of it and, yet a large portion of us continue to search high and low for that useless, meaningless trinket with which to show our love.

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