Sunday, December 17, 2006 - Wells rich and very happy: "In terms of the major leagues' richest deals, Wells would rank behind only Alex Rodriguez ($252 million for 10 years), Derek Jeter ($189 million for 10 years), Manny Ramirez ($160 million for eight years), Todd Helton ($141.5 million for 11 years) and Alfonso Soriano ($136 million for eight years)."

The question of whether Wells is worth $18 million isn't entirely an accurate one. Most of the money, about two-thirds of it, will be paid from 2011-14. Lest some boor on the FAN gripe about Wells' $18-million salary burdening the team, Wells will make $5.6 million this year and a half million in 2008. I don't think Wells is one of the six best players in the game, as his contract suggests, or even the best one on his team. I do think that signing him is a good thing on baseball terms. Some parts, be it a computer or a World Series winner, cost more than others. Letting Wells go and trying to replace him through the No Frills equivalent is not the way to win.

To quote and fix the now-outdated haiku on his Baseball Reference page:

Vernon Wells.
He is 28.
Should be fun

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