Monday, December 25, 2006

Vick vents as Falcons fall to Panthers: "We've got first-round guys, we've got guys that have been in the Pro Bowl offensively and defensively, guys who've been in the scheme for two to three years," Vick said. "You know, the talent level is there, and I just think it's a question that needs to be answered. I don't know what it is, but we're too good to be losing these games, and we should be ranked among the elite in this league this year and we're not."

The answer to your question, Michael, about why your team consistently underperforms is, I'm afraid, a little embarassing. The problem, persistently and perspicuously, is you, namely that you suck. Today's 9-20 performance for 102 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions was emblematic of your pathetic, inept career as a professional quarterback. Speaking subtly, your team has by far the best ground game in the NFL, a stout run defense, a passable defense on the whole and the worst passing attack in the league. Speaking pointedly, you are far more likely to pass for less than 100 yards than you are to pass for more than 300. You can't throw the ball. You can run, but that's easy to contain. Defenses know what's coming and they can stop it. That your team manages to score a little over 18 points a game can be attributed to the grace of the Almighty, as can the astonishing celebrity you have achieved in your thoroughly inadequate career.

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