Sunday, January 21, 2007 - News - `Every day is like a gift': "A photo shows her at the hospital a couple of days after the shooting. In it, she is smiling and giving the thumbs up, displaying a T-shirt her friends had given her. It reads: I got shot in the T-dot.

On the night Deschamps was brought to St. Michael's, a camera crew from the Discovery Channel's Trauma: Life in the ER was at the hospital.

While she lay naked on a hospital bed, nurses sticking their fingers into her wound to keep intestines from spilling out, a producer asked Deschamps if they could film her ordeal.

'I figured I would see the humour in it afterwards,' she says, popping in a DVD of the operation that saved her life

This isn't an act put on for the article, Cindy really is that tough. I've seen her deal, unperturbed, with octogenarians, Yorkville matrons, philandering executives, socialites and women who can't decide if the 8 or the 8.5 is the better fit, all in the same lunch-hour shift.

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