Friday, February 16, 2007

The chain bookstore represents the highs and lows of humanity, mostly the latter. You can buy anything you want. Behind all the things that aren't books, such as recipe books, magazines, books with pictures, books on tape, CDs, DVDs and the Starbucks kiosk, you can find anything. They do have some great books too, but they're obscured behind Kevin Trudeau's book. After all, Trudeau's book is a New York Times #1 bestseller. What did Thucydides ever do? In fact, who is Thucydides? I bet he's not on Oprah's list and he won't help me get ripped.

The philosophy section at any bookstore is dwarfed by sections on New Age (whatever that means), self-help or any other non-sensical category of books for utter idiots. The history section is tucked away in a remote corner, as are any books that take longer to read than to write. Not since the Springfield library did away with the microfiche have I detected such a strong strain of anti-intellectualism.

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