Sunday, March 18, 2007

Each and every day, I'm increasingly thankful to be a Canadian. Today provided another such instance as, in the sporting equivalent of a drunken brawl between a blind nonagenarian and a gassy infant, Pakistan fell to Ireland in the Cricket World Cup. After Pakistan scored a feeble 132 runs, Ireland staggered its way to a languid 108 for 4 after 34 overs, depressingly enough to be in full control of the game. Displaying the only flash of form against a fourth-rate Irish team, Pakistan took three wickets on the next six balls. From there, the match took on a funereal pace, Ireland scoring roughly two runs per over but nonetheless backing its way to a three-wicket victory.

As for my team, Canada lost by seven wickets to Kenya on Wednesday and now faces steep challenges in England and New Zealand tomorrow and on Thursday. I vow never again to follow a bat-and-ball sport that doesn't recognize the infield fly rule or the designated hitter. Opening Day is just sixteen days away.

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