Sunday, April 08, 2007

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April 7 can be a very cold day in Toronto. Thirty years ago, a snowy April 7 was the backdrop for the first major league baseball game ever played in Toronto as the local Blue Jays met the Chicago White Sox. Wearing the powder blue uniforms that have since been consigned to the realm of nostalgia, Doug Ault hit two of his 17 career home runs and the Jays won 9-5. The first pitch was thrown by veteran Bill Singer, who is perhaps the standard-bearer for all the accomplished free agent pitchers who have beached themselves on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Singer was a former 20-game winner and the first reliever to record a save, but he would only win two games that year and retire afterwards. The Blue Jays themselves would only win 54 games that year, but would, of course, go on to win two championships and then sign Erik Hanson, Joey Hamilton, and A.J. Burnett.

On this particular April 7, I went and ran the aforementioned Spring Run-Off 8k in High Park. The temperature dipped to -6 and unless I've eaten one too many Oatmeal To Go bars, I could've sworn we ran the first kilometre being sprinkled by snow as fine as anything. I've always thought that I may as well stand still at the start of every race I run, since everyone ranging from Thomas Omwenga (2:10 marathoner and eventual winner in 24:23) to a husky oaf wearing a heavy windbreaker and an Ottawa Senators tuque loped ahead of me. I briefly thought of asking him about the outcome of last night's Leafs game but didn't, which is good because the Leafs didn't play.

At any rate, I lost the tomfoolers after about one mile and strode to 15:33 halfway through the tearfully hilly course. Making my move on the back half of the course, I redeemed last year's performance by finishing 36th in 30:55. Actually, finishing wouldn't be as appropriate a description as 'bumbling across the finish line like a caricature of myself'.

I was 31 spots and roughly one mile out of the money, so I had to improvise as best as I could. I helped myself to six bagels and four bananas to complement the eight-kilometre buffet of pain.

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