Thursday, May 17, 2007 - News - Young black activist has press for lunch - News - Young black activist has press for lunch

"Don't think for a second that black people did not give education to the world. We civilized the entire planet," she said, from the Greeks to the Romans, thanks to the Egyptian civilization that predates Europe. "So if anybody knows how to teach it's us."

Every advance in the history of the world is a result of black people?

"Absolutely. Yeah. We were here first. Doesn't mean you haven't used technology and developed yourself. Want to challenge me, go head, knock yourself out. But if you were confident of the truth you would not have deleted it from the history books," she said.

I'm not so sure that a raving lunatic hurling flimsy assertions constitutes lunch. If so, every paranoid prophet on the subway dines on the venison of the rush hour commute.

Still, perhaps it's not so bad that we'll have some schools dedicated to the negroid, a hard-working stock that comes from the deepest recesses of Abyssinia. There they can learn about the Nubian kingdom of Kush, George Washington Carver, the black philosopher Socrates and also the black physicist Albert Einstein. As a result, they will emerge as educated, functional adults, having been informed of the greatness of black civilization.

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