Thursday, July 05, 2007

In its brief but brilliant existence as arguably the single greatest website in history, SatireWire was the first major news outlet to report that despite a recent preoccupation with national security, the United States is unprepared for "the simultaneous spontaneous combustion of every person east of the Mississippi." Moreover, the impact of such a catastrophe would be immense: well over one hundred million lives will be lost if all those people were to die.

Similarly, a study conducted by the federal government concluded that the detonation of radioactive explosives in downtown Toronto would "[result] in mass anxiety, a rush on medical facilities and an economic toll of up to $23.5 billion." Presumably, the city remains woefully under-equipped to deal with the effects of radiation in a city of 2.5 million, just as Muhammad Ali would have lost to Sonny Liston if Sonny Liston had beaten Muhammad Ali and I would have won the lottery if I won the lottery.

Given the right set of conditions, any hypothetical situation can be elevated to the status of reality. If you came home one day to find your home burned to the ground by Fenians, then what would you do to prevent it? Discuss by commenting.

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