Thursday, July 26, 2007

Late July is usually the time around which I give up on the Jays and focus on enjoying the last month of summer break. For eleven years now, I've given up on a Jays team going nowhere, the last nine of them being years in which the team had an outside chance at making the playoffs. I was all set to do this on Saturday, but then Josh Towers combined with three relievers on a two-hour, 1-0 shutout. Four days and four wins later, by a combined score of 34-5, the Jays are 51-50.

The Jays were 50-50 in the first 100 games of the season, effectively leaving a 62-game season to be played. The playoffs may be an impossibility, but good baseball is good baseball. If the team keeps winning, at least I'll be following, though, of course, third-place teams generally don't attract much attention at the end of a six-month season. In the end, Blue Jay fans may have confirmation of what they hoped for in April, that theirs is a playoff-quality team when healthy and performing.

On the other hand, this is one kernel of good news in what is otherwise a terrible time for professional sports.

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