Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's unfortunate, at times, to live in a democracy. All sorts of asinine, inchoate views are accepted and encouraged, such as those of Toronto Star readers. In response to the rape of two female students at York University, Andrea Hannen of St. Catherines suggests that "a practical, cost-effective solution is to expand the current legal provisions that allow Canadian citizens with no criminal record and who undergo the same training as the police to own and use firearms for self-defence purposes." Apparently, Ms. Hannen thinks, giving handguns to as many Canadians as possible will make our country a safer place. She goes on to claim that this putative "solution" has been highly effective everywhere it has been tried, the United States of America notwithstanding. Currently, of course, crime in Canada is out of control, in particular non-homeless on non-homeless crime.

Perhaps more troublesome is Mike Duynhoven's recommendation that Canadians need to "stop denying that violent crime is on the rise." It's almost as though Mr. Duynhoven has never opened a newspaper in his life. Or, alternatively, he has only opened newspapers in his life, and ones like the Toronto Sun at that. Statistics canada reports that violent crime declined by nearly 10 percent between 1994 and 2004 and has stable since, with the exception of robbery.

Sometimes in a democracy, it's not who's right that wins, but whoever can hysterically shout the loudest.

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