Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jennifer posting again. It doesn't seem like Adeel got much sleep on the bus. Maybe a couple hours, but he already had to be awake for the border crossing. Here are the texts I received while I was sleeping:

Adeel (5:37 AM EDT):
Dear Jennifer,
Am currently under Detroit River. Will go through customs. More to come.

Adeel (6:16 AM EDT):
Hello Jennifer Wolf, I am now free to move about your country and do all of the things you can do. I can ride at the front of the bus and drink from the same water fountains.

[I am thinking: Yeah, but you can't vote.]

Adeel (8:00 AM CDT):
I'm in Ann Arbor. Detroit was scary. There's nothing funny about the Detroit Greyhound terminal at 6 am. Scary.

Me (9:09 AM CDT):
Good morning. I guess you didn't sleep much. Did you have breakfast in Detroit?

Adeel (9:12 AM CDT):
Good morning. I slept quite a bit, actually, after Detroit. I had black coffee and a granola ba in Detroit. There was nowhere to go eat. It was dark and the place is filled with drug dealers. It was terrifying. The station is one of the worst places I've been.

Even with Adeel's hyperboles, that does sound pretty bad. At least they did get more sleep than I originally figured. Ann Arbor is only about three hours from Chicago, so they should be there soon. I'm still jealous. At least the Red Sox won last night.

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