Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first-year history professor once told us that Napoleon was the most written-about person in all of history. That seemed like an odd choice to me, but a few Saturday nights spent roaming the stacks at Robarts Library (aka The Big Turkey) strongly supported this claim. Personally, I think I've written more about the Indianapolis Colts than anything else. It's hard to believe that I've written more about Peyton than Plato, but fully 20 posts on this blog mention the former compared with two about the latter. I haven't written that many essays about Plato either, and the Colts aren't even my favourite team.

At any rate, let me add one more to the pile:

The defending Super Bowl champions are playing at home and undefeated in seven games, winning each game by an average of 17 points. Still, they opened as 4-point underdogs.

That’s just how good the New England Patriots have been this year, winning eight games by an average score of 41-16. Tom Brady has thrown 30 touchdowns in half a season against just two interceptions, and rolled up a quarterback rating of 136.2.

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