Saturday, October 06, 2007

This is Jennifer posting now. Here is a conversation I had with Adeel today at 4:45 PM Eastern today (by text message):

Adeel: So guess where I'm going tonight?
Me: Red Sox game? Sorry, I give up. Am I going to be jealous?
Adeel: Yes. Guess.
Adeel: Gary, Indiana, murder capital of the USA. But that's really en route to Chicago.
Me: COOL! You'll have a great time. I'm so excited for you. You must be leaving soon.
Adeel: Yeah, at 1:30.
Me: 1:30 AM? By car or bus?
Adeel: AM, yes. By bus. You're an American; how does one not get killed in many of these places?
Me: Um, you've been to Detroit; I haven't.

So in the end, Adeel and Riyaad decided to go Greyhound, and didn't need a white person with them afterall. They are probably en route to the bus station now. Another Greyhound trek, and another opportunity for me to post Adeel's colourful text message descriptions of his and Riyaad's experiences, as I did back in February during the Whitehorse trip.

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