Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's probably not easy being a teacher in Rexdale, one of Toronto's poorest, roughest areas. I saw a teacher with his volleyball team at the bus stop: it's never easy traveling with a dozen kids to begin with, but I'm sure it's much harder to travel with them on the TTC. And sometimes things just don't go your way. I heard the teacher-coach note that Kenya "wasn't really" in East Africa, but was "more in the central part of Africa". I almost blurted out that Kenya bordered the Indian Ocean, which makes it hard to be any further east in Africa, but I didn't. I was rewarded soon enough anyway.

The kids then saw a bus coming, but the teacher replied "no, our bus comes from over there," pointing south. Just then, the bus pulled up and it was the right one. It actually can't come from the north like it did, because we were standing at the end of the route. I think that means he was wrong on both counts, seemingly right but actually wrong the first time and probably right but actually wrong the second. He also missed their stop later on. At least it wasn't raining.

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