Monday, December 24, 2007

Every time the racists in Quebec speak up about the need for the Muslim, the Jewish and the coloured to conform, I'm reminded that Canada has been English for almost 250 years. If a minority group somewhere needs to conform, surely its the whiny minority which begs the rest of this country for money, maintains an insular way of life and imposes itself on others through ludicrous laws about signage and language. Not to mention, of course, that their seditious desire to break up this country is a far greater threat to Canada than any queerly-dressed immigrant.

Every time people like Pauline Marois, leader of the provincial PQ, open their mouth, they embarrass themselves and their province, but more importantly, they embarrass this country. Take, for example, Marois' Bill 195, according to which "immigrants must learn French in order to obtain rights, including a putative Quebec citizenship and the right to run in elections at all levels". Going further, the bill "proposed the fundamental values of Quebec should be taken into account in a future constitution, including equality between sexes and the predominance of French". Ordinarily, this sort of latent racism would be from Republicans in Texas or California at which we guffaw with righteous indignation.

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