Saturday, December 08, 2007

A lot of cities in the world produce ridiculous ideas, but Toronto's city council and mayor seem to excel at coming up ideas that make no sense whatsoever, and that's true even if you ignore the time our mayor implored Ginger Spice to rejoin the Spice Girls. Therefore, councillor Giorgio Mammoliti's suggestion to use the army to combat gang violence finds firm rooting in a tradition of absurdity. This tradition itself seems to be so deep-rooted that it's hard to believe Mammoliti is a professional politician: the man is actually very well-paid to come up with ideas such as this one.

Unsurprisingly, a spokeswoman from the Canadian Forces declined comment.

Mammoliti, by the way, really is a professional politician. He has served as an MPP and now a city councillor for almost twenty years. In the 2003 city election, he was unopposed but still had one of the most expensive campaigns in the city.

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