Monday, December 24, 2007

This is most likely the greatest running blog ever. Mike Morgan, 23rd in the marathon at the sweltering World Championships earlier this year, writes of a hamburger-eating contest between four world-class runners in the latest entry. Fan-favourite Brian Sell won by eating 10.5 McDonald's cheeseburgers in a half hour, Morgan was 4th with 8.25 burgers. Chad Johnson, who I met at the Detroit Marathon, chewed his way through 8.5. You think they're just average guys by looking at them, but then you find out that they've run a 2:15 marathon or eaten 8 burgers in a half hour.

All four, by the way, consumed between 2,500 and 3,000 calories in a half hour. That's not as much as you might expect considering that Sell, the winner, averages about 20 miles of running every day.

Anyway, is anyone willing to indulge me in a similar contest? Andre challenged me to a Ruffles-eating contest once, I know. I like to think my accomplishments are something: I've eaten 11 slices of pizza in about a half hour, and a bag of Ruffles and a tub of sour cream in one hour. I think I have good speed as well, I pounded back a Big Mac Meal in a little over 3 minutes today.

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