Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The 2007-08 college football season was full of a lot of surprises, but LSU's 38-24 win over Ohio State is not one of them, proving once again that an 11-win team from the Big Ten is about as good as a 6-6 team from the SEC.

What is it about Americans from the United States of America and pointing out the obviously obvious? I was watching the LSU Tigers football team play the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in, of all things, a football game, when I noticed that the football commentators for this football game kept reminding me of the teams playing in the game.

A typical "analysis" might be to something like this: "Flynn is playing very well for this LSU Tigers football team against this Ohio State defense. He is not going to make too many mistakes against this Buckeyes defense and allow them to score points and get back in this football game versus the LSU Tigers. It's very important to Flynn and this LSU offense that they get down the field and score some points to give this LSU team a chance to win this football game against this Ohio State Buckeyes football team."

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