Friday, January 25, 2008

Based on this, I'd like to devise a Tim Hortons challenge: run 3 km, eat a dozen donuts of your liking (no bear claws necessary) and then run 3 km again. I once had a donut-eating contest that failed miserably when I was only able to eat 3 double chocolate donuts, but that was just an off day. Still, the winner of the Krispy Kreme Challenge last year was able to run 4 miles and eat the dozen donuts in 24 minutes. Even if we assume blistering 5-minute miles on the run portion, he would've had to have averaged a donut every 20 seconds. I'm pretty proud of my running and eating abilities, but I don't think I could do this challenge in less than 45 minutes. It's a good way of getting in some mileage, however, so I'll try it next week and report back.

For a challenge that's easier on the stomach but no less daunting overall, we could do the challenge in reverse by working with nature. In this challenge, which starts in Wawa, ON, you would eat a dozen donuts, then run 500 km to the nearest Tim Hortons in Thunder Bay, where you would eat another dozen donuts. Someday, someone is going to put a Tim Hortons in this ungodly void and make themselves very, very rich.

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