Sunday, January 13, 2008

Enter Adeel and a 50-something woman, down and out like a Mark Wohlers slider and smelling like raw meat.

Woman: How much are these shoes?
Adeel: $160
Woman: Oh, that's a little out of my price range.
Adeel: Oh okay, how much did you want to spend?
Woman: I just want something light and flexible.
Adeel: Oh--
Woman: Do you have anything made in Australia?
Adeel: No.
Woman: I think I'd better go then. Do you carry boomerangs?
Adeel: No, we don't, sorry.

Woman walks out of the store in try-on socks, leaving her purse and boots behind.

Adeel: Excuse me! Ma'am? Excuse me? You forgot your purse! Excuse me!

Woman, about 30 feet out of the store, walks back.

Woman: Oh, there it is.

Woman walks out in the socks, carrying her boots and purse.


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