Monday, January 14, 2008

I said it wasn't going to be interesting at all, but I would have loved to have seen Green Bay's 42-20 dismantling of Seattle, if only to see a snowy game at Lambeau Field. Brett Favre, after all these years, still insists on carelessly throwing balls in the air and, somehow, they're still caught by teammates of his. This was football at its finest. Actually, the Colts-Chargers game was probably football at its finest, but that punctuated an immensely frustrating weekend of football which saw Bill "Beelzebub" Belichick's Patriots advance and Peyton "Mastercard" Manning's Colts eliminated.

There weren't too many surprises in any of the games. The NFL is supposedly very unpredictable, but you're pretty much guaranteed to be 3-1 by just picking home teams in the divisional round. Two road teams won on Sunday, but it would have been foolish to discount either of them. The Chargers, though they had won 7 in a row before this game, are mercurial, but can be very dangerous at inopportune times. I'm sure they'll reward my newfound fanship with all the ineptitude of allowing 400 yards of passing and none of the mysterious voodoo by which Billy Volek, Michael Turner and Vincent Jackson ate up the Super Bowl champions.

It's puzzling how the Giants managed to win. They left Corey Webster alone against Terrell Owens for most of the game. Owens had just four catches for 49 yards. As is usually the case after a Giants win, I'm still not sure how that happened. Dallas receivers were open early and often, but the Giants had a lot of success harassing Tony Romo with just four or five pass-rushers. I just hope someone somewhere is very rich after having picked a highly improbable Packers-Giants NFC Championship game.

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