Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Since half of you are runners, it's only logical to post a link to Runnerville. It's partly the work of Matt Taylor, the creator of Chasing Kimbia.

Runnerville.com is a collection of voices and pens (err, keyboards) brought together to discuss the sport of running. It’s a conversation intended to engage, inspire, and prod the running community. It’s a dialog intended to encourage change. Running has reached the proverbial fork in the road. One path leads us into deeper obscurity, the other into the collective conscious of sports fans. We’re pushing for the latter.

While I'm talking about how interesting running is, it's only logical to post this video:

That's Kayoko Fukushi of Japan displaying superhuman grit. She led the race by two minutes at the 30 km mark, but faded horribly to 19th place.

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