Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unsurprisingly, Detroit is America's most miserable city according to Forbes magazine. (In case you're wondering, no, I don't subscribe to a news feed on Detroit.) I like to think that I've been to a few of the least desirable places on earth, including Detroit, Peshawar, and Scarborough. The second spot on that list goes to Flint, which doesn't have too much going for it these days aside from having the highest population of any American city with a monosyllabic name, hardly surprising. The third spot goes to New York City, naturally, because commutes are long and taxes are high. I was never one to equate paying a little more in tax and taking longer to get somewhere with the constant threat of having someone bust a cap in your black ass, but the folks at Forbes are free market fanatics, as Christopher Hume notes.

Hume's column is a little more detailed and it points out some of the ludicrous free market fetishism at Forbes. Taxes make France the most miserable place on earth and the UAE the happiest. The people of the United Arab Emirates might not be able to choose their government, have their human rights egregiously trampled upon and live in the same territory as the oil boom-funded madhouse that is Dubai, but at least they don't pay much in taxes.

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