Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is the sort of thing I might have done in high school to amuse myself. A part of me is astonished, and the part still stuck in high school envious, that someone can produce a complete fabrication and slip it past so many people. I was pretty good at getting people to believe odd things about myself even briefly, such as my time in the military. I can't believe how someone who has a few years to get to know another person, as was the case with Seltzer's editor, can be so completely fooled. Lying about important things isn't impossible to do even for a very long period of time, evident from former Canadiens general manager Jacque Demer's ability to hide his illiteracy. It's more remarkable to lie so completely when purportedly telling your life story in such detail. I now wonder how many of you are completely lying to me about very basic facts about your life.

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