Sunday, March 23, 2008

This seems like a ridiculous joke, but the baseball season starts in two days. Really. The Blue Jays don't play a home game for almost two weeks, by which time we might get normal January temperatures: Thursday has a forecast low of -10. I don't follow baseball as closely as football, certainly not the second half of the baseball season. Drama comes by harder in baseball than in football, which has been specifically engineered to be a highly unpredictable television product. Baseball can be accused of relying overly on what happened during Reconstruction and calling it tradition, but its drama is louder against a quieter backdrop. Each and every pitch can be a home run, let's not forget, such as this or this. Personally, I actually prefer a masterful pitching performance, especially when the strikeouts are replayed in quick session on highlight shows. Baseball doesn't have anything as primal as a good, solid hit on a quarterback, but it's very close.

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