Monday, April 21, 2008

Update: Adeel's safe and sound and already talking about trying to run another marathon next week. He just said he was falling apart after the half and at a slow jog by the 15 mile mark (just before the hills start) and decided to chalk it up to a bad day and write off his losses.

Good morning...this is Michelle, Chelle, whatever... I'll be your guest editor today, receiving live updates from Boston on the status of our valiant marathoner. It's 46 degrees, um... about 8 degrees for you Canadians out there, and overcast, so it's about perfect conditions for a great race.

Our correspondent in the field Riyaad reports that Adeel was "Just chipper" this morning, despite having to leave the hotel at 5AM for the buses. For you Canadians...that's 5AM.

The race has started, but the next Adeel sighting won't be until mile 22; Riyaad, Alex, Vince, Cindy and Matt are headed out there now. He's passed the 10K point in just under 7 minute pace with a conservative 43:12. There were probably some crowd conditions to deal with in that first few miles and my guess is that his pace is going to start dropping from this point.

He's running quite close to another blogger out there, Chad Austin. I wonder if they'd recognize each other if they were to end up running side by side.

Yep, he just hit the 15K in 1:04:13 and he's down to 6:54 pace. This section of the course is aided by the downhill slope, but he's not going crazy out there, so he should have plenty left in his legs when he gets to the hills in a few miles.

The Wellesley College banshees are screaming his name...he's reached the half in 1:31. He's slowed up a little since the 15K and is now on 3:02 pace.

As Ethiopian Dire Tune wins the closely contested women's race, Adeel should be hitting the 25K mark, 15 and a half miles for any non-runner Americans. He's not showing up in the tracker yet, which is a little worrisome.

Kenyan course record holder Robert Cheruiyot joins the elite club of 4-time Boston winners with his victory. Adeel is still not showing up in the tracker. Let's hope his chip fell off or something, because this is not a good sign.'s 1:15 now and there's no word of sighting from our troops on the street, so it's looking like this was not our friend's day. I'm noticing that other people's times are not quite what they were projecting, so conditions may have been tougher out there that I might have assumed. Stay tuned to hear the full debriefing on what happened out there today.

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