Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I ran for twenty consecutive minutes today, meaning that I can relax after spending two weeks wondering whether I was going to go and become a never-been thanks to my achilles injury. I was running with a group of sedentary runners I coach last week, where even alternating walking and running made me grimace. Returning to the world of consecutive minutes of running was therefore an accomplishment, though I strung together about 160 of these not too long ago. Some of you may be aware that I used to run regularly once and even entered races from time to time.

I have six races planned over the next two months. My main goals are to run under 36 minutes for 10k (personal best 36:38) and, maybe, under 17 minutes for 5k (best of 17:44). There is a 322-kilometre relay somewhere out there at the end of the month, followed by a 5k on June 8, a 5-miler on June 18, a 1500 on June 24, a big 10k on July 1 and, then, what's left of me and my left achilles tendon will run an even bigger 10-miler on July 13. I think the 5k is too soon to get under 17 minutes, since I won't do any hard running this week. That might have to wait until the late summer or early fall.

I'll post my training in this space at the end of each week, in lieu of a post that's just a video from Youtube or an article from the Toronto Star copied and put into italics. As an advance, I've already told you about tonight's run.

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