Monday, May 26, 2008

Here is the first of several weekly running updates. The good news is that I'm healthy, which I proved by running a 10k race today. The bad news is that I'm not really in shape, which I proved by running a 10k race today. I ran the race because it was organized by my mosque, expecting a fun run without any competition, but the first three runners ran 32, 34 and 36 minutes, and I wasn't in shape to come anywhere near third place, though I tried. I had hoped to cruise to victory initially, and I decided after sucking wind for 3k (10:54) that I was going to finish 4th no matter what, so I decided to just do enough to not be passed by anyone. Adding injury to insult was the fact that when I looked back at 9k to make sure I wasn't in an old-fashioned foot race, I tripped over the road median and cut up both hands and a leg.

I plan to run about 3-4 minutes faster in 37 days, which isn't so hard considering that I ran a minute faster than today for the first and second 10k of my last half marathon.

May 19 – 25

Monday – 6k
Tuesday – 6k
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 9k
Friday – 12k
Saturday – 9k
Sunday – Run for Vaughan 10k in 39:17 4th place, splits of 19:45/19:32, cruised the last few kilometres, no warm-up and very rusty

52 km

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