Friday, May 16, 2008

Unusual methods of surface-based locomotion are a favourite topic of mine and also for many of you, who enjoy such locomotion in its rapid, bipedal variety. Enter Harlan Schwartz, who is currently in the process of crossing Ontario from Algonquin Park to Lake Winnipeg by canoe. Schwartz is using only minor waterways, abstaining from using the Great Lakes. He began in late April and hopes to finish this arduous journey by November. Schwartz's unique canoeing and portaging labours are apparently a first, which makes sense given that we have four Great Lakes in the province. Crossing Ontario by road from east to west at its broadest is equivalent to driving from New York to Miami. Doing so by canoe and walking-with-a-canoe-over-your-head is almost double that distance at 3500 km, equivalent to dying a slow death while watching C-PAC.

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