Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I ran a personal best for 5 miles last week in the Night Crawler with a 29:48, but I've split faster in a 10k, and I ran a dumb race as the splits show below. I just don't have the strength I did January-April, so I'll start training hard now to race well August through November. Still, I'm sharp enough that I stiffened my spine at the end of the race to ward off some vultures who had come to prey on my carcass. This, however, came at the cost of mixing two separate metaphors a la Montgomery Burns' "the butterfly has emerged from its cocoon as a shark with a gun for a mouth."

At any rate, I'm going to run as much as possible between Saturday and Friday and rest up for my 10k next Tuesday with the hope of running 36 minutes and getting close to my PB of 36:38. Before that, however, I have a 1500 on the track tomorrow, my first since 2005. I ran my best of 4:39 on a brutally hot day (33-35 degrees) after a 5k the day before, but it's still my best performance ever according to Jack Daniels' VDOT. I'd be thrilled to beat 4:39 tomorrow, though no matter what happens, I'll either finish dead last or beat up on some 14-year-olds.

Monday – 9k
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – Night Crawler 5-miler in 29:48, 5:43, 5:58, 5:56, 6:06, 6:05, faded badly in the last 2 miles but had a good kick, team finished 2nd
Thursday – 12k
Friday – off
Saturday – 30-minute tempo in the rain, 2k easy, 4 x 400 in 75 (79, 75, 73, 74) with 400 jog, 16k total
Sunday – 19k

72 km

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