Monday, June 02, 2008

This was quite a weekend for running.

Usain ("In the membrane") Bolt ran a 9.72 100-metre world record in New York, leaving world champion Tyson Gay in his dust. Here's a video. Note the size of Bolt, a fellow product of 1986, who is about 6'5".

Pamela Jelimo of Kenya, in just her fifth 800 ever, ran a 1:54.99, the second-fastest clean time ever (the other seven better than her are run by East European women 20-30 years ago). Jelimo is having quite a start with what is arguably the toughest distance to run.

Fellow 18-year old German Fernandez ran a 4:00.29 1600 and an 8:34 3200 less than three hours later at the California high school state meet

Last but not least, our very own Chelle had her doors blown off by World Championship marathon bronze medalist Reiko Tosa of Japan in a 4-mile race. Tosa, whose best marathon is 2:22, offered by way of consolation a big screen television to Chelle, who accepted.

As for me, I ran five days this week and ran my first two workouts coming back, both of which were good. I'm running a 5k next Sunday, but I'm willing to sacrifice it to the greater good of the 10k exactly one month from today. Anything under 18 minutes will be fine.

Monday - 9k
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 13k, last 5k in 18:47, a little too hard but fairly smooth
Thursday – 13k
Friday – off
Saturday – 6 x 3:00 hard with 2:00 easy, surprisingly fast
Sunday – 19k

67 km

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