Monday, June 16, 2008

This week of running was as unpredictable as the Los Angeles Lakers (yes, this is a basketball reference on AWYHIGTC), who gave the first appearance of yet another act in the long-running tragedy that is Boston's tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We saw it with the Babe Ruth deal, the Enos Slaughter game-winning run in the 1946 World Series, Bucky Dent's home run, Bill Buckner's error, Grady Little's intransigence, John Kerry's aloofness, Bill Belichick's arrogance and now with the stellar Boston Celtics, hitherto untouched by this streak. The Lakers blew a 24-point lead in game 4 and nearly blew a 19-point lead tonight. With a win on Tuesday, the series will be tied and the slate wiped clean for a game 7 in Los Angeles on Thursday. Normally I would never root for the insufferable Lakers, but the start of NFL training camps has re-ignited my fierce hatred of all things Boston.

Lastly, the remaining lovable losers in baseball, the Chicago Cubs visited Toronto and took two of three from the local ennead, thus maintaining the best record in baseball. The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, but perhaps more frightening is the fact that they also haven't made it to June with the best record in baseball since 1908.

At any rate, that's a long enough diversion from my week of training, which began with my achieving the holy grail of hot weather running: the noon-hour tempo. Over the years, I have always wound up running in the mid-day heat, but have never been able to finish a workout. I finally managed to do so on Monday in 32-degree temperatures with a Humidex reading of 41 (about 90F with a heat index of 105F) and brilliant sunshine, without a cloud in the sky. This was a situation that merits either "extreme caution" or "danger" depending on how you look at it.

I carefully ran 6k on a rolling loop in 26:16, about 3 minutes slower than normal time for the course, which I still take as an accomplishment. The rest of the week was up and down, and I don't know what to expect at all for my upcoming races.

Monday – 6k tempo at noon in 26:16, 32 degrees and 41 humidex AND 40 km/h wind, 12k total
Tuesday – 12k
Wednesday – 6 x 800 in 2:52 with 2:00 jog, 6 x 200 with 200 jog, 18k total, wanted to do 8 x 800 but cramps shut me down
Thursday – 12k
Friday – 8k
Saturday – 4k
Sunday – 6.3k tempo in 25:52, no warm-up, slow start, very hard finish, 8k total

72 km

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