Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I was going to jump for joy at the news that carmakers are reporting sharp declines in the sale of their vile products, but instead I'll jump for joy that no one is buying the gobbledygook about another terrorist attack being imminent in the United States. Still, one-third of Americans believe that a terrorist attack is likely in the next six weeks, which is perplexing since a terrorist attack isn't hard to do: given the constitutional right to own and operate automatic weapons, own and operate an automatic weapon in a public place on a weekly basis.

Much like Homer wanting to buy Lisa's rock that keeps tigers away ("do you see any tigers around?"), America has squandered an awful lot of time and energy keeping terrorists away. While America was (and is) preoccupied with averting high-profile, low-casualty events such as car bombings and airplane hijackings, roughly 100,000 Americans have been murdered by domestic terrorists operating in loose-knit cells (they used to be called murderers) since September 11, 2001. Already, more Americans have been killed supposedly defending America from bad people than have been killed by bad people.

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