Wednesday, July 02, 2008

If you'd told me in December that the two PBs I would set this year at standard distances would be at 1500 metres and the half marathon, I would have laughed and laughed and then maybe scratched my head. Still, that's how this year has gone. I ran a great race last Tuesday on the track, better than I could have imagined, and even more surprising since I only had one gear in the entire race. I started very slow, in dead last through 50 metres as this video nicely shows, but moved up from 11th to 6th over the course of the race. I ran laps of 72-73-75 seconds with a 54-second last 300 (another 72, basically) for a 4:34, a 5-second best.

Today I ran the HBC Run for Canada 10k, where I came out flat after a brutal last week, and ran 38:39 for 25th place. That was, ironically, only marginally faster than the 39:17 I ran six weeks ago while out of shape, which is what prompted this sharing of training. You win some and you lose some, I suppose, and even here, I won some by earning $50 as the second-fastest male in his 20s who wasn't good enough to finish in the top 3 overall.

Last week's training:

Monday – 9k
Tuesday – 1500m at Varsity Centre in 4:34, splits of 72, 2:25, 3:40, good strength, moved up well throughout, great race, 6th in slow heat of 10 finishers, 17th of 21 overall
Wednesday – 5 x ~1200 with 3:00 jog, felt very strong, hot
Thursday – 9k slow
Friday – 7.5k tempo in the heat, good toughness
Saturday – 6k
Sunday – 18k

81 km

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