Monday, July 21, 2008

This weekend, I had a 16-ounce burger on Friday night and then ran a Coke mile (drink a Coke, run a lap) on Saturday in 9:42, a one-minute personal best for any carbonated beverage-based mile. Coupled with my lack of motivation for running these days, it appears that I might now be a two-sport competitor. I heard a rumour about a restaurant in Windsor, the strip club capital of Canada, which gives $500 to anyone who can eat a 32-ounce burger with fries. Given the relative ease with which I dispatched of my 16-ounce opponent, I feel confident that I wouldn't have much problem with a 32-ounce burger either. There's also the girl who ate a 6-pound burger, which makes a 2-pound burger seem like small potatoes.

(Note: my editor has informed me that this is an 8-pound burger and that the prize is $1,000. Full contest rules are here. I know I have a couple of lawyers reading this: is there such a thing as a consensus by the courts on what defines 'hanky panky'?)

Seriously, though, what I really need to do is to start running more. I think this is the first time in 8 years that I've lacked the motivation to run. Well, it's not exactly true that I'm lacking motivation to run, I'm lacking motivation to train. I'm pretty sure I'm running a 5k on Thursday.

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